Who We Are
We are experts in business development for consulting, financial, professional services firms and technology companies.

For the past 20+ years the SAGE team has worked with industry leading firms - including Accenture, IBM Global Services, AMA Financing, KPMG and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.
      What we do
We work with clients to achieve breakthroughs in building the marketing, selling and relationship management skills of their people.

We specialize in two areas:

1) Training professionals how to market themselves, sell work, and manage relationships. We have worked with hundreds of firms and thousands of professionals.

2) Coaching firms to develop the marketing programs, sales processes and account development methods that grow revenue.

Personal Coaching
from SAGE:

We work one on one with individuals for 8 hours of personal training and coaching to achieve breakthroughs in their personal marketing and professional selling performance.

Together, we find the right direction and the right means to pursue it. That way you can be even more successful at your practice right away.

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For more information, contact
Mike Cummings at
630-572-4798 or by email at mcummings@sageprofessional.com.




SAGE offers a suite of learning products...
all based on our 20-plus years of work
with the Best Business Generators
across the professions.

Choose from our books or our video/audio products
to get the edge in your business:

Top Seller - Best Practices in
Building Your Personal Network - for Professionals:

Click Here to find out about our new 200 page book which reveals the network-building trade secrets of the top business generators in the professions. Get a step by step networking blueprint. Understand the practical business-building strategies and build the skills you need to achieve breakthrough results.

Learn How To Create More Quality Client Introductions, Cultivate Referral Sources, Create High Power Professional Alliances and Build Your Reputation Through Networking - Special New Year Offer $59.00 plus shipping/handling.

Most professionals simply do not know how to network effectively. This book guides you through the correct personal marketing actions that create productive referral relationships.


Only Proven Professional Selling Method - on DVD
The I-Hate-Selling DVD:

Take advantage of our Sale...SAVE $125!

Click Here for the Seven Hour "I-Hate-Selling!" DVD/VIDEO
Learn the only proven method for success in professional selling.

Based on our training of thousands of professionals at industry leading firms, we have created an in-depth 7 hour training program for individual professionals - financial, consulting, architects, solutions providers, and others. With the insider knowledge from the best business developers, now you can achieve the same breakthroughs in marketing and selling performance that our clients have: 2X - 3X improvements in their sales performance.


The Complete Guide to Personal Marketing...
including all the network-building tools above



Click Here for ALL the Lessons from the Best Business Generators...over 450 pages

Do you have a game plan to grow your practice? Do you have precise growth goals by client and type of work? Do you know your next best steps to reach your sales objectives?

The top producers in the professions do...on a daily basis.

Learn from those who excel... all the
proven techniques, success strategies and productive business building habits of the best business generators. Regular Price $149.00
Special New Year Offer
Only $109.00 plus shipping/handling

As a professional, you've already got all of the personal assets you need to create more business effectively.

With this book, you'll learn how to systematically apply the same best practices daily.


Identify Needs, Propose & Close like the Best -
SAGE Sales Mastery Program with Audio CDs

Click Here for the SAGE Sales Mastery Training Program for Professionals featuring 7 1/2 hours of CD AUDIO (Only $197 including the I-Hate-Selling Book)

The result of our consulting and coaching with the top business producers. And based on in-house training we have delivered to industry leading firms such as Accenture, IBM and other top professional firms and solutions companies.

Or get the books only, for an economical way to start closing 90% of your opportunities:


The Systematic Marketing Method
of the Best Business Geneators -
SAGE Personal Marketing Plan Toolkit:

Click Here for The SAGE Personal Marketing Plan Tool-Kit
Only $ 24.95 (PDF format) — 60-plus pages

Invest in the system that the Best use.

This kit offers you a practical and proven step-by-step approach to effectively marketing yourself — and gives you a set of guidelines, action planning tools and self assessments to drive your personal marketing game plan for this year and next.

Focus on the marketing actions with the most payoff.


Web Seminars:

SAGE Web Seminars
Developing Your Personal Marketing Blueprint:

Develop a step by step game plan for building your book of business. Learn the personal marketing strategies of the top business generators in the professions.

Focus on the marketing actions with the most payoff. Understand the daily, weekly and monthly actions you need to consistently take. Pinpoint the skills you need to develop to succeed.

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630-572-4798 or
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Any of these Customized Services
for Building your Professional Business
with Best Practices marketing, selling,
and relationship management.

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Best Practices tips for marketing & selling your services, plus suggestions for Building your Business:


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